Claims/Bills/Legislative Lobbying

Lance Block’s claims bill lobbying representation brings more than thirty years of experience with the Florida Legislature and state government.

Lance Block began working in the Florida Legislature in 1976 before he entered law school. His lobbying practice consists of exclusive representation for attorneys and clients who have claims that exceed the statutory limits in governmental torts cases.

As a former legislative aide and House Judiciary Committee staffer, Lance Block’s knowledge of the Florida legislative process has resulted in some of the largest claims bill awards in the state, including the largest against the State of Florida (18.2 million). He has represented dozens of attorneys and their clients, and achieved more than $75,000,000 in claims bill awards, including Florida’s four of the largest claims bills appropriations.

Florida law firms and attorneys around the state have relied on Lance Block to navigate their excess judgments and settlements against government through the legislative and executive branches of government.