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Brody v. Broward Sheriff’s Office

A Deputy Left Eric Brody Brain-Damaged, and His Family Still Hasn’t Received a Penny
– By Gail Shepherd

Broward County sheriff helps botch Eric Brody claims bill
– By Lance Block

$31 Million Verdict For Brain Injured Victim Of Deputy’s Bad Driving
– Posted by Bob Carroll

Record $30 million Brody Claims Bill Gets Full Senate Approval

Claims Bill for Paralyzed Broward Man Clears Senate

Estate of Rachel Hoffman v City of Tallahassee (Tallahassee Police Dept.)

Are Pot Users Criminals? The Tragic Case of Rachel Hoffman
– By Brian Ross and Vic Walter

Grand Jury To Probe Controversial Death of Police Informant
– ABC News

Rachel’s Law: Confidential Informant Protection Act

Lance Block: Rachel’s Law takes an important first step

Hoffman Family Wants Rachel’s Law Stronger

Rachel’s Law Passes Another Test

Godwin v State of Florida Department of Children and Families

$8M Award Granted By Governor

Amora v State of Florida Department of Children and Families

It isn’t the $26 million, but it will help Marissa

Abused girl to get $18 million from state

Garcia-Bengochea v State of Florida Department of Children and Families

State lacks money for child abused in Lake Worth, owed $1.7 million so far

To Hug a Porcupine

State Letting Down Abused Children

Henandez v State of Florida Department of Corrections

Broward deputy, shot in 2007, sues state for negligence
– 11/16/2009 –

Governor’ Commission on Disabilities

Governor’ Commission on Disabilities

Miscellaneous News Articles

Retarded Rape Victim’s Fetus Is Aborted Despite Challenge – The New York Times

The New York Times > National > Florida Passes Three – Strikes Malpractice Law

Block Honored with Governor’s Award

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